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When is the right time to go competitive?

Factors for youth soccer players to join a competitive soccer league:

  • Maturity to focus and learn during training
  • Motivation to practice with the team and individually to improve skills
  • Desire to play soccer year-round, at least during Fall and Spring seasons.
  • Joy in playing with teammates who possess a foundational skills and knowledge.
  • Friendships that develop in playing with the same team(s) across multiple seasons.

Moving to a competitive soccer team is a per-player consideration and can happen at many different ages.  Because recreational leagues have such a broad spectrum of skill levels, for some, recreational play is appropriate for the duration of their soccer-playing years.  Recreational play might also makes sense for multi-sport and one-season per sport athletes. 

The players that start to show a competitive edge by maybe getting frustrated by players around them, from lack of skill level or focus, are the players that could potentially have more fun in stronger competition. The player’s desire to focus on soccer, to build on individual skills and advance to the next level, to play year-round, and to attend tournaments, this should feel like the next logical step in their development. This can happen at any age, which is why we take on teams from U9 – U18.

Players that are considering making the move, should recognize the commitment: 2 practices per week, weekly games during season on the weekend, up to 2-3 tournaments per season with at least 3 games in a single weekend, and teams play at least 2 seasons (Fall & Spring) per year, and possibly some kind of winter play that could involve Futsal or indoor soccer depending on the team.

Additionally, families are expected to lend a hand with occasional field days, fundraising efforts, and volunteering at our annual home tournament.

Ready to Join?

Individual players that currently play for a recreational league, looking to join an existing team:

Please review our current tryout details. 

Outside of our tryout period, most teams welcome recreational players to attend practice because it gives them an opportunity to evaluate the player in comparison to the players already on a team. This is also a way to see a Coach’s training philosophy and if your child would fit well with the way the Coaches run their practices.


Existing Nor Cal Players

Players may only play for one Club during a NorCal season unless the NorCal League Office grants a transfer. NorCal clubs may not hold open tryouts (open to players from other NorCal clubs), in any format until the Tryout Window opens. Adult members of NorCal clubs may not initiate contact, for recruiting purposes, with any player registered in another NorCal club.  For additional questions, please contact our Director of Coaching at


How much does it cost?

The annual cost for a PUSC player is approximately $1500 – $2000. This includes a club fee ($500/year) and coaching/team fees for the spring and fall season (about $500 – $750 per season).   Travel, tournaments, and uniforms may cost extra.

Where do you play?

The home fields for PUSC are the soccer pitches at Oceana High School. The fall and spring league games are typically held on weekends with teams from San Mateo County. (Older squads may need to travel out of county)

Does PUSC play year-round?

That depends upon the coach, manager, and parents’ preferences. Fall league play occurs from late August to early December. Spring league play occurs from March to early June. Tournaments typically occur on the third weekend of the month. Some squads take the winter and summer months off, others play futsal or small-sided games on the turf.

How do PUSC matches differ from AYSO matches?

AYSO is an excellent organization that focuses on introducing any and all young athletes to the beautiful game of soccer. PUSC focuses on player development and plays in competitive leagues and tournaments.

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