About Pacifica United Soccer Club

Pacifica United Soccer Club (PUSC) is a premier youth soccer organization in Pacifica, CA. We are a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that supports over 300 youth players in Pacifica and the surrounding coastal communities of San Mateo County.  The youth are supported by volunteers (e.g., Board members, coordinators, team managers, parents) and professional coaches who are committed to the growth and success of every child that enjoys playing the beautiful game.   PUSC is dedicated to providing high-quality soccer training for committed players who strive to improve their soccer skills, strengthen their athleticism, and develop their leadership qualities. 


Our approach to competitive soccer

The Pacifica United Soccer Club participates in competitive leagues and tournaments in the Bay Area and California.   Currently, most of our teams participate in the NorCal Premier Soccer league www.norcalpermier.com.   Our approach is to develop youth through high-quality coaching, positive motivation, athletic training, and dedication to teamwork.    Experienced and licensed coaches develop youth to become valuable contributors and leaders — for their teammates, team, and community.  

Many lifelong friendships begin on travel sports teams.   The team training sessions,  games build camaraderie between players and a supportive “Pacifica United” community among families.  

If you are considering an alternative to recreational soccer leagues we’ve compiled what we feel will be a useful comparison between the two types of leagues and what you can expect from your involvement with Pacifica United Soccer here.  

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PUSC Approach

We seek to accomplish our mission by promoting the mental, physical and technical development of individual athletes and teams while emphasizing the importance of education, self-esteem, character building, dedication and teamwork.

The Pacifica United Soccer Club participates in Select Tournament style leagues.  Our approach is to prepare our players through technically sound coaching, positive motivation, conditioning and dedication to teamwork.

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